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Between the different lug patterns, positive and negative offsets, bolt circle diameters, load carrying capacity, and overall wheel diameter there’s a lot to know before ordering the wheel you want. Good to know then that our after-market wheel experts have done their homework and know what fits your vehicle. Check out the fitment guide online or visit any Advanced Auto Service & Tire Center.

In addition to knowing fitment, our trained associates can help with identifying the best wheel for your needs. Are you into a low, customized street cruising ride? Akuza and Lexani might fit best. Looking for either a show truck or hardcore off-roader? You might want to look for a wheel from Worx or a classic steel wheel from American Eagle. Looking to hit the track? You might want to look at American Racing or Centerline… these manufacturers and others offer some great styles with the engineering to back their performance.

We proudly carry some of the best wheel names in the business to include: American Eagle, American Racing, Zenetti, Verde Custom Wheels, Menzari, Incubus Alloy, Devino Road Concepts, Akuza, ICW, Foose, Centerline, Lexani, and Worx. These wheel manufacturers offer the latest wheel designs as well as wheels for that classic street look. function setTab(tab) { $('#search-container .tab').removeClass('active-tab'); $('#search-container .tab[data-tab="' + tab + '"]').addClass('active-tab'); $('#search-container .form').hide(); $('#search-container .form[data-search="' + tab + '"]').show(); } $(document).ready(function () { $('#search-container .tab').each(function (idx, tab) { $(tab).click(function () { setTab($(this).data('tab')); }) }) setTab($('#search-container .tab').first().data('tab')); });